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Facial Analysis & Tissue Salts

Why Tissue Salts ? 

Dr Schuessler's Tissue salts more important than ever. Minerals are fundamental to the effective functioning of the entire body and its organs, since our physical body is literally built out of 12 minerals (Tissue Salts #1-12) plus carbon and nitrogen. 

Tissue Salts vs vitamins/food supplements

The vast important difference to any other supplement, vitamin or even food is the fact, that Tissue Salts are circumnavigating the digestive tract.
Tissue Salts are being absorbed via mucous membranes into the bloodstream directly into their working place in the cells.
Everything else needs to be broken down for assimilation and digestion.
 Vitamins and supplements have no potency, they are regarded as macro, as well as the trace minerals. Some of them are essential – they need to be supplied via organic food stuff - if not administered adequately it will lead to mineral deficiencies and health disturbances.
 For proper absorption of Vitamins and food supplements, one needs to have sufficient micro minerals (Tissue Salts) available, else the body can’t brake them down – and you will have the most expensive pipi.

Why Facial Analysis?

All mineral deficiency symptoms appear first on the face! 
If this deficiency is not treated with micro-minerals - the so-called Tissue Salts - it manifests itself in the body and causes physical complaints and psychosomatic disorders. Until the time when the vital minerals are available to the body again.

Facial signs tell us a lot about a person's general situation. If the cells do not have enough minerals available, many functions have to be slowed down because the cell tension is too low. 

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Tissue Salts & Facial Analysis

Dr W.H. Schuessler's discovery

Health is the quantitative balance of minerals in the body. The outbreak of a disease occurs only due to an imbalance of the tissue salts.

Dr. W.H. Schuessler (1821-1898).


Tissue Salts - Facial Analysis - Mineral deficiencies - Hormones

Want to know more?

It was already mentioned in the Vedas of Sanskrit that our body needs minerals at the cellular level in order to function at all. More than 170 years ago Dr. W.H. Schuessler rediscovered this knowledge - and that our body is built of 12 minerals plus carbon and nitrogen. This resulted in the 12 basic minerals according to Dr. Schuessler, which are used so successfully today.

His conclusion was that these minerals must always be present in sufficient quantity in the human body to lead a healthy life. For Schuessler, the word 'disease' meant that the human cells could not absorb the food, which inevitably leads to a metabolic disorder. 

After Schuessler had found out what had caused the mineral deficiencies in the human body, he began to search for a remedy that could reverse these harmful factors. 
Above all, he wanted to find a healing process so easy to understand that any of us could use it. After Dr. Schuessler had extracted his minerals from healing springs and stone powder, he triturated them to increase their healing potential. These micro-molecules do not need to be broken down in the digestive tract in order to have them ready to use. This is the biggest advantage of Tissue Salts - they are immediately ready and effective.

Finally, he mixed them with a carrier - in his opinion lactose was the best option - to make them easily available and absorbable for human consumption via the mucous membranes into the bloodstream directly into the cells.
In Schuessler's time, the soil of normal farmland still contained more than 100 different minerals per 1 m2. Today the same soil contains less than 10 different minerals. You will easily understand how this affects the quality of our food and our health. In addition, we now have an increase in the electrical and chemical load on our environment. 

Dr Wilhelm H. Schuessler detected, that the lack of minerals reflects as a disturbance in the body as well as in the face of a person. He understood Facial Analysis as an art and for him, all such signs were clear indications of an impending disorder.

The missing link - Tissue Salts!

Disease... indicates a disturbed cell-life!


Are you familiar with some of those? 

Asthma, Bronchitis, coughs? 
Brittle, weak nails, thin and greasy hair 
Cold hands and feet, running nose, often a cold? 
Cracked heels? 
Digestive issues? 
Dry skin, impure skin (pimples, acne)? 
Headaches, migraines? 
Hormone imbalance? 
Menstruation issues? 
Prostate problems? 
Spider bursts, Varicose veins? 
Are you exhausted, tired, not sleeping well, not rested in the morning? 


A Facial Analysis provides the answer - because all mineral deficiencies can be discovered in your face! Your body needs those essential minerals to function properly. The body will reduce or even stop functions if minerals are insufficiently present. 

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Tissue Salts & Facial Analys

Demineralization - micro minerals - Fatigue - digestive issues - Thyroid - Skin pigmentation

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ATIFA Academy for 

Tissue Salts & Facial Analysis

Health is the quantitative balance of minerals in the body. The outbreak of a disease occurs only due to an imbalance of Tissue Salts - Dr W.H. Schuessler (1821-1898)